Fort Myers Florida Party Bus
General Guidelines
1. No standing on the seats or sitting on top of the seat backs 2. Food is not permitted to be eaten on any of the vehicles. To go boxes are permitted. 3. Do not hang from or attempt to do pull ups from the ceiling grab handles. They are deigned to hold your balance only. 4. Do not attempt to open any windows or emergency exits unless in an emergency. 5. No shotgunning drinks, spraying champagne, beer bongs or Jell-O shots. 6. Please do not adjust radio equalizer settings/bass boost. Changing settings may result in speaker damage. 7. Smoking is strictly prohibited/ vaping and E cigarettes are permitted. 8. Buses have on board coolers, any additional coolers brought must be leak free, and have rubber feet to prevent damage to floor. May not be placed on seat tops. 9. All vehicles have trash cans, please do your best to use them and please use cupholders to prevent spills and excessive mess. 10. Absolutely no vomiting under any circumstance is permitted on bus. You must notify driver before hand so it can be handled outside of the vehicle.
Repeated violations of rules may result in early ride termination based on driver discretion and no refunds will be applicable.
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